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The Lazy Balm

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dear lazy bears,

My skin gets dry af.  Between hot morning showers, frigid New York City winters, stuffy MTA commutes, dry office air, and sweaty gym sessions, my skin was taking a beating.  I was 1) too lazy from lugging all my lip balms, hand lotions, body lotions and other miscellaneous skincare products around in my bag and 2) too tired of these lotions not working on my skin.  I was constantly reapplying lotion and it basically felt like I didn't put anything on.  It was just a gross, moist, slightly greasy film I'm putting on myself.  So being the DIYer that I am I set out to look for better, more natural ingredients to put on myself.  And that was how it all began.

Five ingredients.  Biodegradable packaging.  Natural.  All-in-one.  Your skin and your earth thanks you!



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